Heather Coppinger

Heather grew up in Berkley, Michigan and spent most of her time in the surrounding areas of Oakland County. She studied drawing and painting at Oakland Community College and went on to earn her B.A. in Studio Art at Oakland University. She works as a freelance artist painting landscapes with an enchanted flare of surrealism. She is inspired by nature and the uncertainty in the ever-changing human psychology.

Heather maintains that the only thing she is more passionate about than art is connecting with and empowering others. Several years of experience as a home health caregiver led her to discover her passion for assisting others through difficult transitions in life. “I am a firm believer that the dawn is darkest just before the day. I believe it’s in these difficult times that we are able to discover our truest strengths and authentic power. I am passionate about doing what I can to help others find acceptance and to see the light within themselves.”

When she is not painting, Heather is spending time with family, playing soccer, or reading about philosophy, psychology and, of course, art.

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