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If you are seeking a divorce, The Law Firm of Victoria can help you reach your goals and move forward with your life. The firm works to secure positive results through creative problem solving and strong advocacy. Call us today to schedule a consultation with an attorney skilled in divorce law.

Sometimes families are confronted with unfortunate circumstances that lead to a legal dispute. That is when they need effective and timely legal advice to help them through tough times. The Law Firm of Victoria helps clients understand their rights and options, and make informed and effective decisions to protect themselves, their children, and their property.

The Law Firm of Victoria will help you through this difficult stage and be by your side. An attorney will provide you with high-quality representation ensuring your goals are clear, you are educated in the family laws that apply to your case, and have a lawyer you can trust. Call today to schedule a consultation with a highly qualified family attorney.

Do I need a family law attorney for my case?

Trying to carry out a divorce on your own is equivalent to trying to fix a broken bone in your leg without medical help. You are entering an area you may be completely unfamiliar with and your spouse may have tough, assertive legal representation working with them.

In short, the more complex and adversarial your divorce is, the more urgent it is to have experienced legal representation on your side. It is impossible to determine whether your case is simple. You may miss issues only a divorce attorney can uncover or help with, and not knowing may leave you with lifelong consequences.

The Divorce Process

When the situation at home makes divorce your only option, you will want to know what steps are involved in the divorce process. Usually, it starts when one of the spouses, called the plaintiff, files for divorce and serves papers to their partner.

Where to File

Michigan’s circuit courts have jurisdiction over divorce cases and you need to file in the county in which you or your spouse resides. To qualify as a resident, you will need to have lived in the state for at least 180 days.

Submit the Complaint for Divorce

The first step is to file a complaint for divorce. The complaint includes the summons you would be serving to your spouse informing them you have filed and the process has officially begun. 

The divorce complaint includes basic facts about the marriage such as identifying information about the parties involved and their children, if there are any. Also included are the date and location of the marriage and  acknowledgment that you meet residency requirements.

The second part outlines the kinds of relief you are seeking. This may include spousal and child support, how you want to divide assets and debts, how you want custody of the minor children to be granted, and more. 

Get Legal Help

To complete the process, you should go through mediation to find acceptable solutions to all points and facilitate communication. To help you throughout the process, a family law attorney from The Law Firm of Victoria will provide the legal services you need. Schedule an appointment today.

How can our attorneys help you?

If you are looking to hire a responsive team of divorce lawyers, The Law Firm of Victoria is where you will find them. We have extensive experience in matters like property division, spousal and child support, parenting time, and more. There is no need to feel alone or unprotected when The Law Firm of Victoria is by your side. Schedule your initial no-obligation consultation to discuss your case. Call us today!

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