How to Best Prepare for Divorce

worried woman preparing for divorce

If you are a woman whose marital difficulties have reached the point where divorce has become your only option, you likely feel conflicted, apprehensive, and sad. Know that you are not alone. Know that the Law Firm of Victoria is on your side. Know that we only represent women. And know that as your divorce attorney for women, we can and will help you through your divorce from start to finish.

As a female divorce attorney law firm, we understand the challenges women face when approaching a divorce. You need to work through the emotional as well as the practical ones. With this in mind, here are some valuable tips for preparing for your divorce.

1. Validate Yourself

It goes without saying that you must be able to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin in order to help not only yourself, but also your kids get through this time of turmoil and family upheaval with as little stress as possible. Just because your marriage is breaking up does not mean that conflict must rule the day.

As your divorce lawyer for women, the Law Firm of Victoria recommends that you seek cooperation from your soon-to-be former husband whenever and wherever possible. Many couples find that a mediated divorce or a collaborative divorce gives them a chance to remain in control of their lives and make decisions for themselves rather than leaving everything up to a judge after a fierce court battle.

2. Love Your Kids

If you and your husband are parents, your kids likely are your biggest concern. We here at the Law Firm of Victoria know that divorce can be, and often is, harder on the children than on the parents. Regardless of their ages, kids don’t really understand what’s going on between their parents, and they often erroneously think the breakup is happening because of something they did or failed to do.

We recommend that you be as open as possible with your kids in an age-appropriate manner. But being open with them does not mean that you tear down their other parent. Remember, your kids love both of their parents and will benefit greatly if they can be assured on a continuing relationship with both of you. In other words, don’t try to manipulate your kids and don’t turn custody issues into a proxy battleground between you and your husband. Most importantly, listen to what your kids are saying and empathize with them as much as possible. Let them know you’re there for them and ready and willing to talk whenever they want to.

3. Protect What’s Yours

Cooperating with your husband during divorce negotiations does not mean being a doormat. As a divorce attorney for women, the Law Firm of Victoria recommends that you assemble all of your financial records as soon as possible so you and your lawyer will have a clear idea of exactly where you stand financially. This is especially important if you and your husband own a business together and/or have substantial property and assets. Remember, Michigan is an equitable distribution state, meaning that while you and your husband do not need to divide your marital property 50/50, your property settlement agreement must be fair to and equitable for both of you.

4. Consider Tax Implications

Unfortunately, income taxes are here to stay, and you need to be aware of the tax implications of any property settlement agreement and child custody arrangement you agree to. You also need to be very careful how you file your tax return for the year of your divorce. For instance, must you list yourself as a single person? Can you claim your children as dependents? As a female divorce attorney, the Law Firm of Victoria knows how important it is to answer these and other tax-related questions well before your filing deadline.

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