Emilia Rauckis

Emilia grew up in Royal Oak and spent much of her time in the surrounding
areas. She attended Western Michigan University for two years, and the
Oakland and Washtenaw Community Colleges to continue her education. She
studied art and photography in school, and currently owns and operates
her own photography business.

She maintains it was a twist of fate to connect to the Law Firm of Victoria
more than five years ago, and has enjoyed the process of moving from a
“temporary receptionist for a month” to being trained as a legal
secretary and taken on as part of the team.

In her spare time, she studies psychology, human behavior, and how to successfully
transcend negative emotions. Emilia says, “It is my intention not
only to apply what I’ve learned in my own life, but to hopefully be
a comforting presence to everyone around me, including the clients of
the Law Firm of Victoria.”

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